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Systematically bad hygiene?

by SoulCrusher - Monday 9th 2004f August 2004

So last night (a Sunday evening) we went to the Tandoori Villa for curry with a guest from overseas. The place was empty, but that's not necessarily a bad sign, and in the past, the place has always been friendly, efficient, and a pleasant place to eat. 
Not this time: there was just one guy serving, and we felt as if we were imposing on him, judging fro his attitude. He could barely be bothered to show us to a table. He could not be bothered to place the serviettes on the table, but dropped them onto it. 
After ordering drinks, which were efficiently served, we asked for a jug of water. Our server brought the glasses with his fingers and thumb inside them. We protested, and his amazing response was "This is a restaurant: we always carry the glasses like that". 
Clearly, the concept "This is a restaurant, we care about food hygiene" hasn't reached this place. They _always_ carry the glasses like that? How embarrassing to have brough a guest to such a restaurant! 
Although he eventually went off to wash the glasses, we'd lost confidence in the restaurant, and left without eating (we paid for our drinks, the price was reasonable), walking over to the Tandoori Palace on Histon Road for an altogether more satisfying dining experience.

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