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La Tasca - La tasteless

by Canker - Monday 28th 2004f June 2004

The restaurant looks quite inviting, but looks can be deceiving. We ordered a total of 6 different tapas dishes between two of us and, to be fair, the food arrived shortly after ordering (this was approx 13:30). 
Now I know that tapas consists of a mix of hot & cold dishes, but I do expect the hot dishes to be so - sadly the staff don't appear to agree. After querying the temperature of the food and getting basically blank stares we did manage to get the 3 dishes replaced with ones that we could actualy see some steam rising from. 
Overall the dishes were bland, tasting much the same as each other and generally nowhere near as good as some of the worst tapas bars I have been in. 
When you add the expensive prices (£3.95 for 4 prawns - and not large prawns either) you wind up with an experience that should be avoided at all costs. 
In a nutshell, if you want Tapas - dont bother with La Tasca.

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