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You get what you pay for

by Lady Margaretta - Thursday 13th 2004f May 2004

I think we have to get things into perspective here. No-one in their right mind would ever ever go to curry king for a nice meal out on a saturday night, the food is pretty rubbish, they keep you waiting around for hours even if you've booked, they ask you to move tables and bring the wrong food.... But when all's said and done, there are few places you can pay a tenner and get curry, naan, rice, poppadums and a drink, are allowed to bring your own alcohol, they don't care if you're really rowdy or make a mess and there's no need to behave with any kind of decorum because you can be sure as hell no-one else will be. Curry King is a great option for students on a budget, especially for those on a hall swap as an alternative to formal (plus no gowns, corking charge or moody porters).

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