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New-Newmarket Prezzo Review

by Jimbo Mumbo - Sunday 2nd 2004f May 2004

We arrived at the new Prezzo - a party of nine us and were pleasantly suprised with the decor and refurbishment of the building (previously a type fitters!). Lots of pine wood, glass, mirrors -sounds naff I know but in reality is quite classy actually. 
The place was very busy for the Friday 9pm second sitting so we did not mind a short wait to be shown to our table. 
So far so good. 
The waiter came after about 15 mins to take our orders for starters and main courses and wine.  
We chose the house white and red - both Italian - I only tasted the White which was average but could have been chilled a little more. 
A selection of starters - from garlic bread, salads, stuffed mushrooms were ordered - but nothing appeared for around 30 mins. Then when the starters did come 2 were missing and had to be re-ordered. I sampled a salad amd garlic bread which were fine. 
Another half hour wait and the main courses arrived. 
Just before my main course arrived I noticed remnants of old crusted food on my knife - The waiter did apologize and replaced with a sparkly new one. 
Main courses were a choice of Baked dishes (Lasagne), Pizzas, and Pastas seemed to average around £7-8. I chose a pasta - The dish was average but dived in because I was getting very hungry by this stage of the proceedings. Other reports for Pizzas were very good.  
With some room left I ordered a dessert - Crunchie Cheesecake - but unfortunetely our forgetful waiter forget to bring it so I can't give a review - The other desserts looked very good were deemed the best part of the meal. 
So overall - the atmosphere is good, decor good, food average to good depending on what you order and if it arrives! Staff need to buck their ideas up though as the level of service was below par - dare I say bogey! 
The toilets are shared - but I did note even though this place is only a few weeks old - the floor had obviously not been cleaned since it's opening - dusty! 
Would I go again? - well I would like to give benefit of the doubt to the staff as the place was busy. 
Whilst the taste in my mouth was reasonable after the meal the service gave me that slightly bitter after taste that still lingers -especially as they add that 10% on for parties of 8+ but hey this is "optional" - or should that be "doubtful"! 
Jimbo Mumbo Esq.

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