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Review of Browns Restaurant

by Jman - Thursday 20th 2003f March 2003

Browns used to have a top bar man. I went there for a drink with a friend of mine once. I ordered a tea and my friend asked for coffee. 
The bar man made the pot of tea and said 'You can have this tea free of charge if you make do with this plastic stirrer instead of a spoon, or if you're going to make me walk to the other end of the bar to get you a spoon, I'll charge you for it.' 
Natuarally, I made do with the stirrer. He then proceeded to make a strange green cocktail and gave it to my friend Jon, who said 'I hope you don't expect me to pay for that. I ordered a coffee'. 
The bar man laughed, muttered some comment about halluci-hearing and told my friend he may as well drink the cocktail anyway, to save wasting it. 
We were dead impressed!

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