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BK Desert!

by Dave Tasker - Friday 24th 2003f October 2003

At least you 'lucky' people have a BK! Here in Belize there are no BK's,McD's, Pizza Huts or any other fast food outlets. Apart from one Subways. 
I recently went to Panama on business and opposite the hotel was a BK. I was well chuffed, had the chance of a Whopper and most importantly a shake after more than 3 years! I had to wait until the evening to go for my treat, and surprise, surprise, the shake machine was broke! Talk about gutted! I tried again two days later, just before I had to return to the BK desert with the same results. 
This must be an international conspiracy! Perhaps there is a dark undertone to this apparent policy. Who knows, and who cares? There is always a McDonalds close by and they always have shakes! Unless of course you live in Belize!

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