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good service, bad food

by Balaji Krishnapuram - Wednesday 25th 2003f June 2003

1. Good, courteous service 
2. Location 
3. Not too costly: about 10 for a vegetarian meal. 
1. As an Indian, I felt the food was just not authentic at all. All the dishes pretty much used the same sauces/spices and ended up tasting the same(which is *not* what they taste like in the authentic original version;) ). In all, I found the food unsatisfactory.  
On the other hand, you may *not* want an authentic version of the food - a couple of my western friends do prefer the anglicized versions.  
2. The ambience could do with some improvement. 
3. Lacks any variety: It is exactly identical to several other Indian restaurants here in terms of the menu etc. The choice of dishes on the menu, and even the drinks and dessert etc are the same in almost all the local Indian restaurants.  
If you are not looking for authentic food, prefer not to have any surprises (ie prefer to know even before you enter the place that it is exactly what you would expect from almost any number of other places) and want it to be modestly priced, I think it fits the bill.  

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