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This page lists restaurants in Sturton Street Cambridge. For contact details of each restaurant and to see visitors reviews, simply click on one of the following listings.

Sturton Street Restaurants

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Moghul Tandoori Indian Take Away
182 Sturton Street

Restaurant Reviews

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Insipid food: avoid it (Moghul Tandoori Indian Take Away) by Biz
The three dishes we ordered were mostly tasteless. The portions were not too big either. If you're l... More >>

Excellent catering (Moghul Tandoori Indian Take Away) by Amy
We recently organised a Curry Run for our local running group in honour of the Hindu New Year (Check... More >>

Wonderful food (Moghul Tandoori Indian Take Away) by Dean
Indian food can be very variable in quality, even from the same establishment. However, the Moghul ... More >>

Excellent (Moghul Tandoori Indian Take Away) by KLJ
I order takeaway from the Moghul regularly. The food is the best I have had either here or in Manche... More >>


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