List of restaurants in St Andrews Street, Cambridge. Full contact details and visitor reviews given.

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This page lists restaurants in St Andrews Street Cambridge. For contact details of each restaurant and to see visitors reviews, simply click on one of the following listings.

St Andrews Street Restaurants

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Burger King
63-64 St Andrews Street

33-34 St Andrews Street

Pizza Express
28 St Andrews Street

Pizza Hut
66 St Andrews Street

Varsity Restaurant
35 St Andrews Street

Restaurant Reviews

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A Cambridge institution. (Varsity Restaurant) by Loz
I have been dining at The Varsity for 20 odd years and have never had a disappointing meal or bad s... More >>

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING (Varsity Restaurant) by Bob
Superb. we were in quite a rush to get to the cinema, explained to the staff. our food came very pro... More >>

What a night! (Varsity Restaurant) by Ellie, student
I had been to Varsity once before and thorougly enjoyed it but going back again, they managed to sur... More >>

What a great manager (Pizza Express) by Andy Gothard
Just want to say that Richard is a great manager. He worked so hard delivering good customer service... More >>

Go while you still can! (Pizza Express) by Nessa
Boo hoo! I've just found out they are knocking the whole block down to build the Grand Arcade!!! ... More >>

Diamond in the rough! (Varsity Restaurant) by Stud.
Completely stumbled upon it on a very wonderful evening when looking for somewhere special to dine. ... More >>

Hey gals n guys, Nandos is a great place to eat with ya mates or family. The food is cheap, but cook... More >>

Great food, great atmosphere. (Varsity Restaurant) by Phil
I have been to Varsity a couple of times and on each I could not complain at all. The food is amazin... More >>

Big portions, tasty food, good service (Varsity Restaurant) by Molly
I have been to Varsity many times for birthday dinners and other events, and each time I have not be... More >>

BK Desert! (Burger King) by Dave Tasker
At least you 'lucky' people have a BK! Here in Belize there are no BK's,McD's, Pizza Huts or any ot... More >>

Messy (Nandos) by Bootstrap Bill
I recomend the frozen yogurt and having a yogurt fight as it says "get messy". We got very messy... More >>

Absolutely incredible dining in Cambridge (Varsity Restaurant) by anonymous
The Varsity was recommended to me by a work colleague and I attended with 14 of my friends on a busy... More >>

milk shakes (Burger King) by anonymous
Is there any burger kings where their milk shakes machines don't "break down" after 8pm? We have... More >>

live slug in veggie salad! (Varsity Restaurant) by Anna
surprised to find a live slug slivering around the edge on my salad bowel - I had already eaten most... More >>

Review of Burger King by A
since a mate of mine got salmanella from a chicken burger he ate, i havent been there since...absolu... More >>

Review of Varsity Restaurant by Trance
I have been to Varsity several times and my verdict has not changed. The food and wine is good, the ... More >>

Review of Nandos by Gemma
Food is cheap and you get plenty of it - look out for the spicy sauces as they are very spicy. The s... More >>

Review of Varsity Restaurant by paul Grainger
My visit was a big let down - the service was slow and the ffod on the plate was a disgrace consider... More >>

Review of Nandos by Tara
Nandos is a great place to go with a group of friends or family. You can order loads of food and al... More >>

Review of Aberdeen Altens Burger King by S Smart
An absoloutly filthy restaurant. Visited on 21/4 at 3pm when not very busy and found several unclear... More >>

Review of Varsity Restaurant by Sean Dunne(Ireland)
During a 6 day tour of East Anglia with my wife and sister-in law we had lunch, quite by chance, in ... More >>

Review of Varsity Restaurant by anon
I know that the choice of food for vegans is pretty limited in Cambridge, but the Varsity Restaurant... More >>

Review of Varsity Restaurant by JIM DEMETRIOU


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