List of restaurants in Lensfield Road, Cambridge. Full contact details and visitor reviews given.

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This page lists restaurants in Lensfield Road Cambridge. For contact details of each restaurant and to see visitors reviews, simply click on one of the following listings.

Lensfield Road Restaurants

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Chatos Restaurant
2-4 Lensfield Road

Curry Master
12 Lensfield Road

Lawyers Wine & Oyster Bar
6 Lensfield Road

Restaurant Reviews

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Great food, good price (even if you don't like fish) (Lawyers Wine & Oyster Bar) by Andie
We visited Lawyers' on a Saturday night (I'd recommend booking at the weekend, but I wouldn't have t... More >>

Snug and cheerful (Lawyers Wine & Oyster Bar) by Hortense
Once you pass through the smoky crush in the front bar you will find a delightful back room housing ... More >>

Real Food, Realistic Prices (Chatos Restaurant) by Rachel Porter
Nice to find a restaurant that puts effort into preparing 'real' food rather than serving the proces... More >>

Pleasant atmosphere, good food (Lawyers Wine & Oyster Bar) by mw
Don't let the name mislead you. It's just a restaurant that has some extra fish dishes on the menu.... More >>


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