List of restaurants in King Street, Cambridge. Full contact details and visitor reviews given.

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This page lists restaurants in King Street Cambridge. For contact details of each restaurant and to see visitors reviews, simply click on one of the following listings.

King Street Restaurants

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Efes Restaurant
78-80 King Street

The Bun Shop - Tapas Bar
1 King Street

Yippee Noodle Bar
7-9 King Street

Restaurant Reviews

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Efes - cramped and expensive (Efes Restaurant) by Harriet
I live near Efe's and the smell of the grill made me and a group of friends want to try it. It is sa... More >>

MSG Free Zone (Yippee Noodle Bar) by Jennifer
As an avid patron of this excellent eaterie, I feel I need to disagree with nic with regards to his ... More >>

Not so good (Efes Restaurant) by Sally
I have to disagree with the majority about Efes. I booked a table there as it was recommend by Loca... More >>

I would whole-heartedly recommend it (Efes Restaurant) by irene sauco
I was flabbergasted abot the wide range of vegetarian food served in Efes Restaurant.It also offers ... More >>

Not Nice (Efes Restaurant) by Jamie Currgher
I went to Efes restaurant after reading the reviews on this site. It was a special night for me with... More >>

Definitely one to remember (Efes Restaurant) by Vicky
One of the few places I have been with a group of friends (all 20-21 yrs old) and welcomed so whole-... More >>

Good Asian Food in England (Yippee Noodle Bar) by Jennifer
I was at Pembroke College for the summer. In the few weeks I was there I went to Yippee at least 3 ... More >>

Highly recommended (Yippee Noodle Bar) by Jason
I went to Yippee for a meal on my birthday. I had a Japanese curry dish, which I was very satisfied ... More >>

Good food, good service (Yippee Noodle Bar) by Simon Jacklyn
The food is not as good as at the Dojo, but the atmosphere is better as the place is much more spaci... More >>

Happnin pre theatre/cinema eatery (Yippee Noodle Bar) by Ellen
It's soo happnin that you can't have a conversation here, but that gives you more time to concentrat... More >>

Wonderful starters (Efes Restaurant) by Ellen
Try the vine leaves or the kisir - cracked wheat salad - starters. Lots of choice. Main courses no... More >>

bland and samey MSG overload (Yippee Noodle Bar) by nic
The food was bland for oriental food, many of the dishes taste very similar, and all are so full of ... More >>

Review of Efes Restaurant by Happy customer
I love Efes restaurant - and so do my two children - the food is always freshly made and cooked, the... More >>

Review of Efes Restaurant by Alex Strick
This is the best Turkish restaurant in Cambridge. Of course Anatolia and Marmaris exist, but the at... More >>

Review of Yippee Noodle Bar by NELLIE
I thought this was an excellent restaurant, in the style of Wagamama's. Food was fresh and tasty. If... More >>

Review of Yippee Noodle Bar by Chuck
Over-priced and insipid food. I hate having to share my table with some sweaty strangers. Oh the foo... More >>

Review of Yippee Noodle Bar by Gail
Perfect for a meal before going down the pub, as the ample portions line the stomach nicely and thei... More >>


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