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This page lists restaurants in Grafton Centre Cambridge. For contact details of each restaurant and to see visitors reviews, simply click on one of the following listings.

Grafton Centre Restaurants

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Footlights Restaurant & Bar
71 Grafton Centre

Mamma Amalfi
106 Grafton Centre

Restaurant Reviews

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Mrs allen stop whinging (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Anonymous
Some people in this world have no food, and you 're worried about lack of limes ... More >>

Mamma Amalfi -- One of My Favourites! by Maria
Contrary to the review published in 2003, I have found Mamma Amalfi to be a great restaurant. I move... More >>

Mama amalfi-why doesn't management listen (Mamma Amalfi) by R.C.Mitchell
When mama amalfi's opened in Southend-on-sea we thought fantastic!! We got to know the management ve... More >>

Absolutely Disgusted! (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Mrs H Allen
After drinking and eating in Footlights for many years I was absolutely disgusted at the way me and ... More >>

Good value, Good lunch (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Dave
I visited the restaurant on monday morning around one in the afternoon for an escape away from the g... More >>

Lights out early in footlights.... (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Sara
Myself and some friends had a meal monday evening here and were extremely dissapointed with the leve... More >>

A very good value party place (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by The Sister Club
It always difficult to find a restaurant that can handle 30 or so party women intent on drinking and... More >>

What a difference (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Chrissie B
I was amazed at the change it Footlights when I went Saturday for the first time in years. It used t... More >>

Go on, go on, go on, go on,go on, go on... (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by The Marshall Family
Delightful surroundings, friendly assistants, yummy lunch. No rushing, and such a pleasant change fr... More >>

Waitress said it was our fault (Mamma Amalfi) by Sandy
My husband and I at one time loved Mamma Amalfi and recommended it to many friends. However, we hav... More >>

Good, quick lunch from friendly people (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Drew
Visited footlights for the first time in years yesterday and was really surprised at the changes to ... More >>

Slow, slack and predictable! (Mamma Amalfi) by anonymous
I'm sorry to say that once again I have been disapointed! I invited some friends from home (Mexico) ... More >>

A magic Valentine night (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Steve R
Well organised, good food and with just the right amount of lush thrown in you saved my bacon yeste... More >>

Thanks for all your help (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by J revell
I am writing to say thank you to the manager of your restaurant for the exceptional kindness he show... More >>

Worth every penny (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Beth
I never though I could say this but the buffet spread for our office party last night was great valu... More >>

Good lunch lovely people (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Katie Bell
I would like to say thank you for a good lunch served by lovely people who looked after myself and m... More >>

Still the same...... (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Chris
A few years back I would heartily recommend this place to anybody (I did, many times) but sadly this... More >>

Thank you for making our Christmas party a great success (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by J Barlow
After being treated disgustly by the manager of another 'posher' restaurant in town ..(they overbook... More >>

Footlights - NEVER AGAIN (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by K Simpson
After reading the reviews on this site, myself and a group of five friends went to Footlights last w... More >>

FIRST CLASS EVENING (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Kirsty
My Dad and myself were visting Cambridge on a cold wet Friday evening, with no reservations for d... More >>

Good party place (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Phil Buxton
Its a really good party place. We had a great time and the buffet was excellent, varied not just Mex... More >>

what a place :-) (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Footlights No.1 fan
this place ranks way up there in every way possible, the atmosphere, the entertainment, the music, t... More >>

Th best thing about Footlights is its music . (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Claire Edmure
Th best thing about Footlights is its music . Its so refreshing to hear good music in a restaurant. ... More >>

Chill-Out (Mamma Amalfi) by Sam
I go to Mamma Almalfi a lot. It's such a delight to escape from the mayhem and madness off the shops... More >>

What an awesome party place (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Vicki
What an awesome party place. The staff could'nt have been more helpful in making my hen party a real... More >>

zaks@the portland arms real mex food (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by MR .HAPPY
Fajitas 6.50 best in cam .sausage & mash 5.00 chicken balti 5.00 HAPPY DAYS!!!!! SO WOT EVER YOU ... More >>

What a lovely place to eat (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Lynne Watermann (SA)
This place is special. The food was nothing extraoridinary but style and service were absolutely sup... More >>

Only if you like 'pasta in water' for dinner! (Mamma Amalfi) by Helen
My boyfriend and I ate here once - and never will again. It's a great location - it seems ideal to ... More >>

What a difference - and a good lunch (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by The Lawyer Girls
What a difference you've made to the place. Its lovely, interesting and the lunch was quick decent a... More >>

Great Night You Guys - A BIGGG Thank You! (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Cassie Phillips
What a really BRILLIANT party.... you guys really did me proud. My mates all thought it was the best... More >>

From a former employee of footlights! (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by anonymous
I used to work at footlights and would like to clear up a few grey areas. I quite agree that the ide... More >>

Ahhhh.... Mamma Amalfi! by Fernabranca
How many times have we eaten in Mamma Amalfi? a great many never to be disappointed always friendly ... More >>

Good Value Nice People (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Jean King
I must say I was impressed with the value for money at my daughters recent 18th birthday, good food... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by FAT BOY & CHUMS
zaks @ portland arms BEST FAJITAS IN CAM"JUST WICKED!... More >>

Review of Mamma Amalfi by Michele Eaton
Myself and three friends visited Mama Amalfi in Croydon and we found that the service there was terr... More >>


Footlights show was great entertainment (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Barry Clarke
The high quality entertaiment turned our pre-cinema meal into quite a night out . Why don't more pla... More >>

A lovely night out-THANK YOU!!!! (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Veronica Grice
We were treated so very well Thank you for a great night out _sorry Maggie got so drunk. Your cockta... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by anom
they have a few Waitresses with severe attitude problems... SORT IT OUT!... More >>

Review of Mamma Amalfi by Beatrice Grainger
Overpriced and over-rated in my view. My kids were charged a fortune for a plate full of sauce. Be a... More >>

Footlights was great value (Footlights Restaurant & Bar) by Bev Callen
Footlights - you guys did me proud on my birthday party last night. Your great people to deal with m... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by Sheryl Lambert
What do some people want. Really!!!! footlights is trying to improve . yeah sure the food isn't bril... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by Glenda Wylde
Our son wanted his 18th Party at Footlights and I was worried about booking it after I read some of ... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by Sal
Next time I'll leave my boyfriend at home.....the waiters were all dishy. The food was good too!!!!... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by Suzanne
Would not recommend this restaurant and I would hardly call it a 'Mexican' restaurant. I had burger... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by HARRY
zaks mexican food at the portland arms.hummy and good value WHY NOT LISTED!!!!!!???... More >>

Review of Mamma Amalfi by John Skinner
Mamma's has always been very pleasant but they could bring their prices down a little. The Peroni a... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by Juan & Mel
Cool Cool Place !!!!!Great Atmosphere - fab music too... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by Jemma
As a visitor to Cambridge it was a joy to discover a restaurant with a good choice of decent food, N... More >>

Review of Footlights Restaurant & Bar by Sarah
Fantastic!! Great Food, Hospitality & Cocktails. An excellent place to go!... More >>


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