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This page lists restaurants in Bridge Street Cambridge. For contact details of each restaurant and to see visitors reviews, simply click on one of the following listings.

Bridge Street Restaurants

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30 Bridge Street

Chez Gerard
27-28 Bridge Street

Curry King
5 Jordans Yard Bridge Street

Galleria Restaurant
33 Bridge Street

Garfunkels Restaurant
21-24 Bridge Street

La Tasca
14-16 Bridge Street

Restaurant Reviews

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Avoid Garfunkels Gatwick North Terminal (Garfunkels Restaurant) by Angie
We arrived at 8.45pm and were assured they were open. Ordered starters and main courses for 2 peopl... More >>

The best Turkish restaurant!! (Anatolia) by Zahira (Spain)
I've been there many times and the food and SERVICE was absolutely incredible!! I love the place an... More >>

Fantastic! (Anatolia) by Desiree
The best food in town with the kindest people who work there! Have been in many restaurants but Anat... More >>

La Tasca Portsmouth by Anonymous
We are both middle aged and went to the Portsmouth La Tasca and it was superb. the service was grea... More >>

Tops for Spanish atmos,and good service (La Tasca) by Loz
I went to La Tasca with friends for a late and leisurely lunch and considering it is a chain we foun... More >>

Advice: eat something before you go. (La Tasca) by Caoimhe
While I am aware that it is tapas, the food is undersized and over-priced. It costs almost £4... More >>

Add The Big Gold 'M' (La Tasca) by Phil Miles
Myself and partner headed for La Tasca in trepidation and excitement. After all, this place had gai... More >>

ITS ALL COLD (La Tasca) by Brett
I have now been there three times now, all with the same experience. Once when it had just opened an... More >>

Chez Gerard by Dr Bell by Dr M Bell
In what turned out to be a luscious outing, Chez Gerard for this reviewer toes the line of bookish e... More >>

La Tasca - La tasteless by Canker
The restaurant looks quite inviting, but looks can be deceiving. We ordered a total of 6 different t... More >>

After waiting 20 mins I walked out (Galleria Restaurant) by Jim
I had been to the Galleria once before and although service was slow the food was good so I convince... More >>

Great Food - Awful Service (La Tasca) by Disappointed
Visited La Tasca at lunch time on Saturday 22 May and arrived not long after they started serving. ... More >>

A disgrace to BAA-Heathrow & Gatwick (Chez Gerard) by Stuart lewis
Service at Heathrow T3 05 May 2004,non existant;73 mins.for main order to arrive.Customers were walk... More >>

Get the student deal (Curry King) by JoJo
Well, I've been to the CK many, many times and have found that if you go a la carte then your food t... More >>

You get what you pay for (Curry King) by Lady Margaretta
I think we have to get things into perspective here. No-one in their right mind would ever ever go t... More >>

Best Restaurant in Cambridge (Galleria Restaurant) by Marie
I have read the reviews of the Galleria Restaurant and personally i think Catherine is quite out of ... More >>

Mediocre Tapas - stick to The Star in Lidgate (La Tasca) by Richard K
What a shame. I was looking forward to eating good spanish food in Cambridge. La Tasca is pretty med... More >>

A quiet piece of Turkey in Central Cambridge (Anatolia) by Harriet
My Partner and I went there to celebrate our engagement. Was excellent - we had a quiet table by the... More >>

Scandalous and extremely amusing !! (Galleria Restaurant) by John Smith
After reading several of the reviews below, I am utterly shocked and extremely amused at how up them... More >>

Excellent Again (Anatolia) by anonymous
I took my husband to Anatolias having raved about it after having a couple of work get togethers the... More >>

ABYSMAL SERVICE (La Tasca) by Ed Gerstner
We booked a table for a number of friends for my girlfriend's birthday. Many of our friends warned u... More >>

WHY PAY FOR POOR FOOD (Curry King) by Sean
I have read the reviews for this establishment. I would like to point out that the best policy is to... More >>

EXCELLENT customer care !! (Chez Gerard) by S. van Heerden
Was shown throughout the whole meal. The food was beautifully presented and exquisitely cooked. The ... More >>

Distinctly average (Garfunkels Restaurant) by anon
Garfunkels seems to do average very well. Average food at an average price with an average atmosphe... More >>

Good food and a Great atmosphere (La Tasca) by Jonathan Shipman
I took my sister to La Tasca and had a fantastic time. The food was excellent and the whole experien... More >>

Black pepper ice cream! (Chez Gerard) by Stephanie
Chez Gerard is very nice (cliche I know), I had the lamb, I'd never had lamb before and it was lovel... More >>

how rude! (Galleria Restaurant) by Asia
Don't you like customers Galleria? Even though the whole place was empty we were not allowed to come... More >>

GOOD FOOD UNIQUE place thankyou England we wish we had a place like this back in NEW JERSEY USA Cath... More >>

Tasty food, affordable prices (La Tasca) by Anonymous
Considering it's a chain restaurant, its one of the better ones. A fairly relaxed atmosphere, good f... More >>

Agree with above. (La Tasca) by Sciencer
The food was good and fairly close to 'real' tapas. HOWEVER ... service was slow, and there was c... More >>

Re: The owner (Galleria Restaurant) by Ross Street Resident
Further to the comments by 'Catherine', be aware that this building saga continues today, some 3 yea... More >>

The owner (Galleria Restaurant) by Catherine
The owner of the Galleria, Kolin Malik was responsible for the Ross Street building disaster that ma... More >>

good news (Galleria Restaurant) by sole
I personaly disagree with the bad comments reguarding the Galleria fare enough the service and food ... More >>

Fantastic (Garfunkels Restaurant) by Earl Hamilton
This resturant was excellent. They service was very friendly. The food was the best I had on Oxford ... More >>

Good food but poor service (La Tasca) by Jools
Recently went to La Tasca with friends. Impressed by the food and atmosphere but appalled with the ... More >>

Delicious, beautifully-cooked food (Galleria Restaurant) by Ivor E Tenere
The Galleria is fantastic, and has been every time I've eaten there. The menu offers a superb choic... More >>

Curry King by bemused
I would like to say that I was able to sample the food. Our party of 4 arrived for our booked table ... More >>

Always a pleasureable experience (Chez Gerard) by Joe
From the friendly,courteous staff to the exceptional menu and wine list. I strongly recommend this ... More >>

A romantic little restaurant overlooking the river (Galleria Restaurant) by Carol
For the two years I have been staying in Cambridge, I had visited this little restaurant for more th... More >>

It was OK on Valentines night 2003 (Galleria Restaurant) by Rick
I wonder how old these reviews are ? Our Valentine's dinner there was fine! There was some waiting, ... More >>

Rude staff and shameless lack of customer service (Galleria Restaurant) by Jenny
I was strolling along Bridge Street at the height of the heatwave a few weeks ago with a couple of f... More >>

Classy, if expensive, place to eat out (Chez Gerard) by Martin
If you're looking for an up-market, no expense spared dining experience, then Chez Gerard fits the b... More >>

Eh???? (Galleria Restaurant) by T
i must admit im abit suprised at all the bad reviews here, despite being drunk everytime i have been... More >>

Mediocre food, awful atmosphere. avoid. (Galleria Restaurant) by Aylwyn
As soon as you walk in the experience is bad. The McDonalds piped music, lurid yellow walls, and sho... More >>

An excellent Restaurant for any occasion (Chez Gerard) by Fernabranca
The waitress we had was superb her name Tiffany - The food as you would expect from a good French ea... More >>

Food Poisoning (Curry King) by Ben
I met 2 friends in the Curry King, whilst in their some other customers who had pre-booked a table, ... More >>

The BEST! (Anatolia) by Sarah
The Anatolia is the BEST place to eat in Cambridge. The food is not only delicious, but reasonably ... More >>

Review of Chez Gerard by Mandi
One of the best restaurants in Cambridge, a great atmosphere and decor, I loved the mirrors and th... More >>

Simply the best Turkish food i've ever tasted! (Anatolia) by Dave
Brilliant service, Fantastic food - guaranteed to please! (REALLY GREAT FOR VEGETARIANS!!!!!) Well ... More >>

Garfunkels The worst restaurant in town! (Garfunkels Restaurant) by Dave
Ive never been to a restaurant before where the service & food has been so bad! The after effects w... More >>


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