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Restaurants by Street/ Area

This page lists the various streets and areas where restaurants are located. Simply click on a street below to view the restaurants located there. Full contact details including maps and phone numbers are given for most restaurants. You can also view restaurants by cuisine or view an alphabetical list of restaurants.

* Streets in bold have a higher concentration of restaurants and bars.

  Bridge Street
  Burleigh Street
  Castle Street
  Cherry Hinton Road
  Chesterton Road
  East Road
  Fitzroy Street
  Free School Lane
  Grafton Centre
  Green Street
  High Street
  Hills Road
  Histon Road
  Jesus Lane
  King Street
  Kings Parade
  Lensfield Road
  Madingley Road
  Magdalene Street
  Market Hill
  Midsummer Common
  Mill Road
  Milton Road
  Newmarket Road
  Norfolk Street
  Northampton Street
  Parkers Piece
  Peas Hill
  Regent Street
  Rose Crescent
  St Andrews Street
  St Edwards Passage
  St Johns Street
  Sturton Street
  Sussex Street
  Trinity Street
  Trumpington Road
  Trumpington Street

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