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Trattoria Pasta Fresca


Italian Restaurants
address:Trattoria Pasta Fresca
66 Mill Road


(01223) 352836
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Reviews of Trattoria Pasta Fresca (15 in total)

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Excellent food (June 2004) by Biz
We ordered 3 pasta dishes, and they were all very good. The chef initially made a mistake with the o... More >>

E BUONISSIMO !!! GRAZIE !!! by Domenico
I'm Italian and have lived in this country for 8 years, and all this time this is the best italian t... More >>

Cambridge's Pizza dons! by Stephano Fisherini
Being a pizza lover i make it my business to try out every pizza restaurant in Cambridge. Without... More >>

Disappointed March 04 by Anonymous
Having read lots of good reviews and recieved personal recommendations, I had high expectations. ... More >>

Poor service and average food by Mike
The service was not good: two drinks orders and one main dish incorrect. We were moved in the middle... More >>

Delicious food! by Ali
The food is delicious, the service is friendly, the pasta is freshly made on the premises and the ch... More >>

Brilliant local Italian Restaurant by Ellen
Just fab! Not pretentious, lovely pasta, great starters and soups. They do close at 10pm tho, so ge... More >>

One of my favourite Cambridge haunt by Joe
Trattoria Pasta Fresca or "The Italian Job" as its come to be known to folk of my acquaintance, has ... More >>

Friendly and tasty by nic
The food has always been good, the staff are friendly and recomend their favourites if asked. Despit... More >>

Review of Trattoria Pasta Fresca by anonymous
Very disappointing. The pasta was badly undercooked and the cream in the sauce was not only curdled ... More >>

Review of Trattoria Pasta Fresca by Sara
Very good place; nice pasta and cheese. go for the calzone! the atmosphere is somewhat strange, but... More >>

Review of Trattoria Pasta Fresca by Sam
Fantastic! That's all I need to say.... More >>

Review of Trattoria Pasta Fresca by Alison
I recently went to Pasta Fresca with a group of friends and we had a lovely evening, but I note the ... More >>

Trattoria Pasta Fresca by Charlie
The layout of Trattoria is cramped. It's not a very big building - just a typical Mill Road terrace ... More >>

Review of Trattoria Pasta Fresca by Gail
Lovely food, but portion control is not their forte - I had to have a starter, main course, side ord... More >>

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