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Al Casbah


North_african Restaurants
address:Al Casbah
62 Mill Road


(01223) 579500
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Taking my Mople there today by Anton
Always great food as far I remember! great atmosphere and all which has to go with it. has to be tri... More >>

Great people, nice food-Al Casbah by Jake
I spent there lot of time, and everything there is great!If You like to meet nice people please visi... More >>

Best cooked meat in town by Chris Coleman
I have eaten at various mediterranean style grill houses about town, however none can match the flav... More >>

Al Casbah nothing special by Dean
Reasonable food, not particularly imaginative, and although reasonably priced not cheap. Service is... More >>

Great Food, reasonably cheap prices, by Jane
I've been to Al Casbah a number of times, both in large groups and in small. The wait is usually ab... More >>

Food is always nice by Nick
I have been here several times, with varying sizes of groups, and although the service is slow when ... More >>

fab food, best wine in a cambs restaurant by nic
Despite waiting during busy periods, this is a fantastic restaurant. The Sidi Brahim wine is divine,... More >>

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