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The Venue


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address:The Venue
6 St Edwards Passage


01223 367333

fair trade:

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Reviews of The Venue (8 in total)

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Excellent service, food and wine by David Thomas
The Venue has excellent service, the food is imaginative and well prepared, and the wine list is ver... More >>

Leave me alone waiter!!! by jove, give it a miss
Food was good - all credit to the chefs but the service was a little over the top and the manager wa... More >>

Good food, inaccurate service by Disappointed
Having tried several times to visit but always finding the place closed, went for lunch on Saturday.... More >>

Overpriced and overcharged by anonymous
Went to The Venue when first opened over charged and had to go back twice to get the bill sorted, no... More >>

The Venue - the best by Henry
Has moved to the Arts and remains one of the very few places in Cambridge where good food, service a... More >>

Review of The Venue by paivi hyytiainen
Stupendous food and smily service. Warm, fresh and artistic atmosphere. Harmony of sounds and tastes... More >>

Review of The Venue by John A
Excellent, excellent, excellent. Food is superb but the service is what sets it apart. Attentive w... More >>

Review of The Venue by anonymous
The Venue is the best place I have dined at in Cambridge during my 2 years here. It has excellent, a... More >>

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