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Krua Thai


Thai Restaurants
address:Krua Thai
108 Regent Street


01223 464355
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Amazing venue by Phil
I do not agree with who ever says it was a disaster! not one bit! this is a intemet, relaxed atmo... More >>

A complete disaster. by Shirley
We travelled a long way for a special wedding anniversary and being extremely fond of Thai food we ... More >>

Great food, relaxing atmosphere by Rory
I've been to this restaurant on a number of occasions and the food has always been excellent. The re... More >>

Nothing short of fantastic by Graham Jones
Picked a quiet day to go out for dinner and try somewhere new in Cambridge. Whilst everyone was... More >>

Excellent Food, great service, intimate feel by David Gould
Went to the restaurant to try something new and this was great. They have normal seating but we cho... More >>

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