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Pizza Hut


Pizzeria Restaurants
address:Pizza Hut
19-21 Regent Street


(01223) 323737
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Pizza Hut Rip off by Pizza nonsance
Yeah got to agree that Pizza Hut pizzas are nice to eat but hey they are kicking the ass out of the ... More >>

Management is suppose to support by Anonymous
I recently visited a Pizza Hut with my family and orderd Breadsticks, Garlic Cheese Bread and Pizza.... More >>

Great service at regent street Pizza Hut by anonymous
I have to say I do not agree with some of the somments here. I visit the Regent street Pizza Hut eve... More >>

not child friendly by J.Johnson
I agree with T. Smylie. Pizza Hut may pretend to be child friendly with its bags of toys etc but som... More >>

I never expect 5 star service from any Pizza Hut,but good basic CARE and SERVICE is a must. On a rec... More >>

Pizza Hut is the best by anonymous
I work at Pizza Hut and am convinced the pizzas we sell are actually the best. Plus, there are lots ... More >>

pizza hut worker by pizza hut worker
I work at a pizza hut and to be honest we get crap wages, crap uniforms, no perks, and customers thi... More >>

Pizza Hut is growing bigger, but i am growing thinner !! by anonymous
unfortunately, i don't visit pizza hut regularly any more. The food tastes good but the service is n... More >>

Pizza Hut brilliance by anonymous
Pizza hut's products are excellent value for money. There is always many good value for money deals ... More >>

Pizza Hut by Anonymous
Pizza Hut has the best pizza. It does not take too long to bake and it has much flavor. It stays in ... More >>

WHAT NO FOOD ? by Dean Cubitt
3 Times i went into Pizza Hut (CWMBRAN SOUTH WALES) and 3 times they had no food, I am amazed they ... More >>

Review of Pizza Hut by fran taylor
i agree with the statement that pizza hut is a rip off the service is rubbish when u eat in and when... More >>

Review of Pizza Hut by Kaz
i think pizza hut is a total rip off 2 !!... More >>

Pizza Hut Rip Off by Jacko
The Pizza Hut is in comparison with other Pizza parlours, a total rip off. I can tell you that a piz... More >>

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