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The Maharaja


Indian Restaurants
address:The Maharaja
9 Castle Street


(01223) 358399
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Reviews of The Maharaja (5 in total)

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Good food, poor service by Anonymous
I like the food at the place a lot and recommend ordering loads of vegetarian side dishes with rice ... More >>

Too much oil not enough taste!! by Iqbal Khan
I'm an indian, so I eat this type of food most of the time, but i'm sorry but this restaurant does n... More >>

Dodgy experience by JonRambo
Have been here a few times previously and found it so-so. But on my last visit I had problems with:... More >>

The Maharaja. Very disappointing. by Amanda Rowan
On a recent visit to Cambridge with two friends, I had highly recommended the Maharaja from previous... More >>

Review of The Maharaja by Gemma
Yummy curry, generally not that great service but sometimes you strike lucky. Nice and cheap for stu... More >>

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