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Teri-Aki Restaurant


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address:Teri-Aki Restaurant
6-8 Quayside
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Reviews of Teri-Aki Restaurant (15 in total)

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Try the Ramen noodles by Andrew
Cambridge is a town full of over priced and not particalarly good restaurants. The portions are inva... More >>

Has it's ups and downs, but mainly, its up there for a cambridge restaurant by James L
I've been to Teri-Aki many times and i must say it is very good. I've read the other reviews, and pe... More >>

8 outta 10 by PacISLANDgurl
It's not a rotary sushi bar, so don't expect everyone to shout greetings to you as you enter... but ... More >>

My favourite Cambridge restaurant! Great for kids AND adults. by Nina
I discovered Teri-Aki last autumn and have been back seven times since. It is an absolutely wonderf... More >>

Wonderful Japanese Cuisine by Gary B
I find it really difficult to believe that anyone could be so critical of the Teri-aki restaurant. O... More >>

Killer Sushi, but the noodles are just dead! by Nick x
Teri-AkiÖ everyone seems to have an opinion on this lovely little quayside parlour! Iíve been a few ... More >>

Doesn't taste like Japanese food by Janice
I love Japanese food but the food they serve here doesnt taste or smell like Japanese food. Not auth... More >>

Hooray for sushi in Cambridge! by j
Incredible service (they seem to fit you in although the place is always heaving), great range of fo... More >>

Excellent and very recommendable! by Tanja
Tried out Teri-Aki for the first time last weekend and were extremely impressed. The food was delici... More >>

Overpriced and bland by Amy
As a big fan of Japanese food, I got to say that Teri-Aki's food was very poor - it tasted bland, bl... More >>

Japanese, but no comparison to Japan! by anonymous
Teri-Aki is a very pleasant place to eat, but the food lacks the quality edge I enjoyed recently in ... More >>

Bad reviews for Teri-Aki! 'I don't believe it'! by anonymous
For years Cambridge has been crying out for a Japanese/Sushi restaurant. This restaurant has a bona ... More >>

SLOW! by Anonymous
The food was overpriced for what it actually was and there is no way a noodle dish can take one hour... More >>

Good food, rubbish service by Joe
I am also a regular customer and the food is good to excellent, but the staff is so slow and unatten... More >>

Review of Teri-Aki Restaurant by Kristine Baggott
We are regular customers of Teri-Aki restaurant and we would definately recommend this excellent Jap... More >>

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