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Don Pasquale Restaurant & Bar


Italian Restaurants
address:Don Pasquale Restaurant & Bar
12-12a Market Hill


(01223) 367063
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Amazing food , amazing location by Enrico Eddings
In Cambridge genuine italian restaurants (i.e. not Cafe Uno, Bella Pasta, Ask, Pizza Express etc) ar... More >>

A romantic meal by Michelle and Steve
A fantastic evening food, wine and company excellent. The service was excellent and a great view of ... More >>

mamma mia! GREAT PLACE! 14 July 2003 by Michael
14 July 2003 Wonderful place! The staff was great, and friendly. The restaurant is in a beautiful... More >>

Review of Don Pasquale Restaurant & Bar by Gail
Friendly staff, and their whipped-cream coffee's are yum!... More >>

Review of Don Pasquale Restaurant & Bar by Tara
Myself and two friends arrived at Don Pasquale's upstairs restaurant at 8.30pm on a Saturday night, ... More >>

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