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Peking Restaurant


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address:Peking Restaurant
21 Burleigh Street


(01223) 354755
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£11 for prawn toast?!!! by Jane
The prices were a huge shock when we visited the restaurant - £11 for a portion of average pra... More >>

cambridge's best restaurant for 25years by SteveH
The Peking used to be more or less the only really good restaurant (of any type) in Cambridge; the g... More >>

Rip off by Jo
Quite possiblly the most msg ridden meal I have ever eaten. Good service and large portions but it ... More >>

Peking purse snatcher by The purse keeper
What can I say.... Nice position, nice set up, but no to nice prices. The food is good but not as go... More >>

A Cambridge classic by Ellen
Is there anywhere else to have a leisurely Chinese meal in Cambridge? The Peking duck is wonderful.... More >>

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