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The Vaults


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address:The Vaults
14a Trinity Street


(01223) 506090
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Cannot Fault it! by Tarnee
Having visited the Vaults a number of times - loved it. Atmosphere - Buzzing, menu - superb, serv... More >>

Poor service by Catherine
Poor service and lukewarm food ruined our special night. My partner and I looked forward to a specia... More >>

Distinctly average by David Thomas
My advice would be dont go if you are a smoker and if you are looking for food that justifies the pr... More >>

So much food it wouldn't fit on the table! by Pickle
The tapas style food was wonderful. The menu had such a variety of flavours and dishes that I would... More >>

The food lives up to its name, it sends vaults of joy through the body on every by CA
I love Vaults I have had a few romantic meals in the wonderful resturant. It is a very intimate pla... More >>

Best restaurant in cambridge by anon
Brilliant food, brilliant atmosphere. Great for a romantic dinner. Expensive, but you get what you... More >>

The Best By Far by anon
What ever your taste the Vaults menu has something to satisfy all. From a cosy romantic meal to a li... More >>

Excellent food by Peter Ellis
I've eaten here twice now - at 20 - 30 per head + wine it's more than I'd usually pay, but for spe... More >>

Love this place by Matt Bradney
I have been an avid lover of this restaurant since it opened. It is by far the best restaurant in Ca... More >>

Wonderful! by Anonymouse
The Vaults has to be the best restaurant in Cambridge. The concept is unusual and every time I take... More >>

"Better than I could have ever imagined" by Paul Wilson
The Vaults offers more than just reasonably priced food, it give you a whole experience. The mood... More >>

The food and service at the Vaults are great. by Ellie
The menu is unusual but not pretensious, and there is a good range of dishes for both vegetarians an... More >>

Review of The Vaults by Mary Kelly
Not good at all _ i hope it was just a bad night. the barmen were nice but the waitress was not int... More >>

Review of The Vaults by Scottie
Absolutely splendid !... More >>

Review of The Vaults by Jane Calder
Expensive for what it was - Wouldn't go back in a hurry... More >>

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