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Pipasha Restaurant


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address:Pipasha Restaurant
529c Newmarket Road
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Aussie Boy needs gift voucher by June
Whilst visiting our son in Cambridge Aug 04 he treated us to Pipasha. Now we would like to treat him... More >>

Above average by Peter
On the whole, good food using fresh ingredients, reasonable prices and prompt friendly service. The ... More >>

Great food, good service by Stuart Turner
Went there early one Sunday evening before going to the cinema. One of the best Indian meals we've ... More >>

Best in town, I`d say so! by Liki Punmami
What impresses most and what sets this place aside from others is the authenticity. The food is alwa... More >>

Do yourself a favour and get along to Pipasha by Nick
Because this is by far the best restaurant in Cambridge. Speaking from a veggie point of view you ca... More >>

Probably the best Indian / Banglishi in Cambs by Bod
Yeap, everything about it is spot on, although you have to get out to near the Abby Stadium to enjoy... More >>

Review of Pipasha Restaurant by Helen
Abdul & Modu run a fantastic restaurant. Friendly welcome, excellent food. Very busy Thrs, Fri & Sat... More >>

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