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Yippee Noodle Bar


Oriental Restaurants
address:Yippee Noodle Bar
7-9 King Street


(01223) 518111
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Reviews of Yippee Noodle Bar (9 in total)

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MSG Free Zone by Jennifer
As an avid patron of this excellent eaterie, I feel I need to disagree with nic with regards to his ... More >>

Good Asian Food in England by Jennifer
I was at Pembroke College for the summer. In the few weeks I was there I went to Yippee at least 3 ... More >>

Highly recommended by Jason
I went to Yippee for a meal on my birthday. I had a Japanese curry dish, which I was very satisfied ... More >>

Good food, good service by Simon Jacklyn
The food is not as good as at the Dojo, but the atmosphere is better as the place is much more spaci... More >>

Happnin pre theatre/cinema eatery by Ellen
It's soo happnin that you can't have a conversation here, but that gives you more time to concentrat... More >>

bland and samey MSG overload by nic
The food was bland for oriental food, many of the dishes taste very similar, and all are so full of ... More >>

Review of Yippee Noodle Bar by NELLIE
I thought this was an excellent restaurant, in the style of Wagamama's. Food was fresh and tasty. If... More >>

Review of Yippee Noodle Bar by Chuck
Over-priced and insipid food. I hate having to share my table with some sweaty strangers. Oh the foo... More >>

Review of Yippee Noodle Bar by Gail
Perfect for a meal before going down the pub, as the ample portions line the stomach nicely and thei... More >>

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