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Galleria Restaurant


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address:Galleria Restaurant
33 Bridge Street
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After waiting 20 mins I walked out by Jim
I had been to the Galleria once before and although service was slow the food was good so I convince... More >>

Best Restaurant in Cambridge by Marie
I have read the reviews of the Galleria Restaurant and personally i think Catherine is quite out of ... More >>

Scandalous and extremely amusing !! by John Smith
After reading several of the reviews below, I am utterly shocked and extremely amused at how up them... More >>

how rude! by Asia
Don't you like customers Galleria? Even though the whole place was empty we were not allowed to come... More >>

GOOD FOOD UNIQUE place thankyou England we wish we had a place like this back in NEW JERSEY USA Cath... More >>

Re: The owner by Ross Street Resident
Further to the comments by 'Catherine', be aware that this building saga continues today, some 3 yea... More >>

The owner by Catherine
The owner of the Galleria, Kolin Malik was responsible for the Ross Street building disaster that ma... More >>

good news by sole
I personaly disagree with the bad comments reguarding the Galleria fare enough the service and food ... More >>

Delicious, beautifully-cooked food by Ivor E Tenere
The Galleria is fantastic, and has been every time I've eaten there. The menu offers a superb choic... More >>

A romantic little restaurant overlooking the river by Carol
For the two years I have been staying in Cambridge, I had visited this little restaurant for more th... More >>

It was OK on Valentines night 2003 by Rick
I wonder how old these reviews are ? Our Valentine's dinner there was fine! There was some waiting, ... More >>

Rude staff and shameless lack of customer service by Jenny
I was strolling along Bridge Street at the height of the heatwave a few weeks ago with a couple of f... More >>

Eh???? by T
i must admit im abit suprised at all the bad reviews here, despite being drunk everytime i have been... More >>

Mediocre food, awful atmosphere. avoid. by Aylwyn
As soon as you walk in the experience is bad. The McDonalds piped music, lurid yellow walls, and sho... More >>

Review of Galleria Restaurant by DAN.T
Absolutley awfull food i went there two weeks ago and there were very young staff working who had no... More >>

Review of Galleria Restaurant by Matthew Bishop
Having read the above reviews, I would like to add my own comments about the dreadful meal that we h... More >>

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