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Chez Gerard


French Restaurants
address:Chez Gerard
27-28 Bridge Street


(01223) 448620
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Chez Gerard by Dr Bell by Dr M Bell
In what turned out to be a luscious outing, Chez Gerard for this reviewer toes the line of bookish e... More >>

A disgrace to BAA-Heathrow & Gatwick by Stuart lewis
Service at Heathrow T3 05 May 2004,non existant;73 mins.for main order to arrive.Customers were walk... More >>

EXCELLENT customer care !! by S. van Heerden
Was shown throughout the whole meal. The food was beautifully presented and exquisitely cooked. The ... More >>

Black pepper ice cream! by Stephanie
Chez Gerard is very nice (cliche I know), I had the lamb, I'd never had lamb before and it was lovel... More >>

Always a pleasureable experience by Joe
From the friendly,courteous staff to the exceptional menu and wine list. I strongly recommend this ... More >>

Classy, if expensive, place to eat out by Martin
If you're looking for an up-market, no expense spared dining experience, then Chez Gerard fits the b... More >>

An excellent Restaurant for any occasion by Fernabranca
The waitress we had was superb her name Tiffany - The food as you would expect from a good French ea... More >>

Review of Chez Gerard by Mandi
One of the best restaurants in Cambridge, a great atmosphere and decor, I loved the mirrors and th... More >>

Review of Chez Gerard by Duncan Robertson
I think the food is indeed amongst the best in Cambridge but this restaurant is spolied by its decor... More >>

Review of Chez Gerrard by Aranea Minkowsky
Somewhat impressively dainty food, served in adequate portions, save dessert, which was relatively s... More >>

Review of Chez Gerrard by John A
Pretentious service and overpriced fare. Cambridge has far better to offer the discerning diner.... More >>

Review of Chez Gerrard by Lesley
Excellent food,very friendly staff and good value. What more do you want from a restaurant? I run ... More >>

Review of Chez Gerrard by Jane
Very good food... More >>

Review of Chez Gerrard by David
Clean, polished, civilised. Only went there for a couple of drinks. Pleased I did, it was pleasant a... More >>

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