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30 Bridge Street


(01223) 362372
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The best Turkish restaurant!! by Zahira (Spain)
I've been there many times and the food and SERVICE was absolutely incredible!! I love the place an... More >>

Fantastic! by Desiree
The best food in town with the kindest people who work there! Have been in many restaurants but Anat... More >>

A quiet piece of Turkey in Central Cambridge by Harriet
My Partner and I went there to celebrate our engagement. Was excellent - we had a quiet table by the... More >>

Excellent Again by anonymous
I took my husband to Anatolias having raved about it after having a couple of work get togethers the... More >>

The BEST! by Sarah
The Anatolia is the BEST place to eat in Cambridge. The food is not only delicious, but reasonably ... More >>

Simply the best Turkish food i've ever tasted! by Dave
Brilliant service, Fantastic food - guaranteed to please! (REALLY GREAT FOR VEGETARIANS!!!!!) Well ... More >>

Review of Anatolia by Wendy
The food is great, really fresh and served in traditional surroundings. Just like being on holiday ... More >>

Review of Anatolia by anonymous
Excellent food and service.... More >>

Review of Anatolia by anonymouse
Excellent food and service.... More >>

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