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Bangkok City


Thai Restaurants
address:Bangkok City
24 Green Street


(01223) 354382
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Reviews of Bangkok City (13 in total)

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Very small cramped restaurant, the waiter pumped sweat from his face so much that I was worried it ... More >>

Best Pad Thai in England! by Rós
An excellent restaurant. Good food, fast service, very pleasant waiters. Not particularly expensive,... More >>

Yummy Yummy! (but a bit expensive) by Nick
I have eaten here once on recommendation from Thai friends in Cambridge. I've spent a good deal of t... More >>

Okay but nothing special by Emily
Thai is my favourite food and I have been to many Thai restaurants. Here, the food is good, althoug... More >>

If you are prepared to sit in front of empty dishes for 45 to 60min by Nijo
If you are prepared to sit in front of empty dishes for 45 to 60min before they decide clear them an... More >>

Best thai in Cam by jen
Although I've been in Cambridge a while, I only tried the unassuming-looking Bangkok City this year ... More >>

Phew! Wot a scorcher by Steve
Very good indeed - I have read some of the other comments about service and I can't say as I noticed... More >>

amazing by anonymous
I had a meal there and it was delicious it was the best thai restaurant i have been to i recomend to... More >>

Review of Bangkok City by Gill
The service was v slow and they were only about half full. The prices were too high for the size of... More >>

Review of Bangkok City by Dave Peters
Have eaten there once. My companions and I were hammered at the time but the waitress put up with us... More >>

Review of Bangkok City by Andrew Lewis
We have eaten here three times..Yes we love it. We got good service, friendly staff, and we love th... More >>

Review of Bangkok City by Suba
The service was awful at bangkok city. We got a waitress who refused to be pleasant and treated us l... More >>

Review of Bangkok City by Joe
Pukka curries! Yum!... More >>

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