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Chilis Grill & Bar


Mexican Restaurants
address:Chilis Grill & Bar
164-167 East Road


(01223) 505678
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Reviews of Chilis Grill & Bar (28 in total)

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Avoid... by MR Greedy
Slow service, but friendly...food was appalling, incredibly salty and overcooked.Very noisy, overall... More >>

Simply the best by Bumbledorfe
paid avisit to chillies a few months ago we enjoyed every mouthfull the girls had fun and the food ... More >>

Good time again by Skizz
Well we popped in again after a recent visit to the cinema and had a great meal. Our food was wonder... More >>

Good food, bad service by Anonymous
The food is wonderful and given in a generous portion howver it took too long long to order and even... More >>

Usually enjoyable by Cheryl
This was my 3rd time to chillis,we have found it to be ok before this time not,took 15 minutes to br... More >>

Great fun, good food, service varies by Sam
I've been to Chili's in Cambridge many times. Their take on tex-mex is generally tasty and generous;... More >>

Noisy, overpriced and poor quality by Anonymous
If you've ever had a real Mexican meal, or even a meal in a Chili's in the USA, then this place will... More >>

Family Evening Out by Steve and Marge
Me and me misus came from Birmingham to have a good eat up with her brother and his girlfriend and t... More >>

Two good evenings so far! by Skizz
We have been to Chillis twice and both times have had fairly good meals. We have never had a problem... More >>

Every Time by Andrew Savills
Went to Chilis Tuesday eve, as always great drinks great place to eat really good restaurant but as ... More >>

Try to work in a restaurant by salvo
Try to work in a restaurant and u will see why your food is late your drinks are late you talk witho... More >>

New but NOT Improved Burgers by Jenny & Harry
My husband and I are appalled at the way the Cambridge Chili's has changed the way they prepare thei... More >>

pint of beer & a fat fajita 6.50 were................ by FATBOY & CHUMS

I SAY AGAIN!!!!ZAKS@the portland arms by FATBOY&CHUMS

Awful by Ian
Lacking in atmosphere and the food is pretty poor ... limp natchos, dry & chewy fajita meat. Been t... More >>

We have to disagree with Ms Salmon by Caroline Pointer
Sorry but the place is worst than awful - its REALLY awful and the food we ate was total garbage. Ri... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Amanda
Gr8! I love the food! Could do with a bit more vegetarian variation on the menu! Atmosphere is brill... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by zak_s
I love Chilli's - the food is great (if a little variable) and there's always a great atmosphere (th... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Jackie Salmon
Pass it bye- its awful.... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Brian Symington
What a real poor place. the food was poor the staff were really poor and the manager didn't want to ... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Brian Cremley
My whole family walked out last Saturday after a rude waitress said if we couldn't wait any longer (... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Geraldo
About as Mexican as sainsburys nachos....mediocre food and the rude, lazy staff were more interested... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Food lover
What a load of rubbish. I eat at Chilis whenever I get the chance. I have never found there found to... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Jon & Sarah
Really poor value...cheap imitation Mexican food...The staff couldn't care less when I said my salad... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Andrew Lewis
GREAT!! Very friendly helpful staff. Very child friendly. Fast service. I got dizzy going to the ... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Amy
The staff are very friendly and helpful, but there was one point where I could see four members of s... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Vangelis
Excellent food, good service. Definitely recommended. Only problem is that it gets too crowded somet... More >>

Review of Chilis Grill & Bar by Mrs M Scurll
Review of Chilis Grill & Bar Found the food to be excellent but the service was very very slow and... More >>

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