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Looking for a Vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge? Choose from the following listings, all of which serve authentic Vegetarian food. For contact details of each restaurant, and to see visitors reviews, simply click on a listing below. You can also click on the street link under each listing and this will display all restaurants on that particular street.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Cambridge

Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro
9a Kings Parade

Vegetarian Restaurant Reviews

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You wouldn't even miss the meat... (Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro) by Sarah
Lovely food, perhaps a little expensive for students like me but definitely worth it once in a while... More >>

Vegetarian in Cambridge on Sunday or Monday? (Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro) by Deb
Having visited Cambridge over the weekend, I was disappointed to find nowhere vegetarian to eat at a... More >>

Lovely food, but quite pricy. (Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro) by Paul smith
The food was scrumptious but slightly over priced. It seems strange that there are no sandwiches at... More >>

It's worth the 1.5 hour drive, and Cambridge parking!!! (Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro) by HW.in.Stanwick
I have eaten at ALL, yes all of the top veggie restaurants. (How disappointing was the Quince and Me... More >>

THEY JUST LOST MY CUSTOM TOO (Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro) by David Scates

Far too expensive for a mediocre meal (Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro) by reema bhatt
Its a nice cozy basement place. Quite inviting actually. But for what you get its too pricey even by... More >>

Great food, but strange layout (Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro) by Pat
I am surpised there are not more vegetarian restaurants in Cambridge, and welcome the proprietors of... More >>

Review of Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro by Nick Megoran
Great food: nothing more to say.... More >>

Review of Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro by Mandeep J
Excellent! As I'm a PROPER Vegetarian (No meat, No, fish....yes fish is a meat, and no eggs) this re... More >>

Review of Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro by Mark Gould
Excellent food in friendly and relaxed surroundings.... More >>


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